Revealing the treasure of you

Soul BeautyWelcome to the rainbow that shines through your soul, for my site is your site, a place where your love, authenticity, courage and compassion is reflected in mine. We are all connected through this light, this love. Our pain, our sorrow and our shame are elements of the magic that create our rainbow light; they beckon us deeper and deeper into the heart of our being, where our precious truths await our awakening.

Regardless of whether you are aware of your innate power, or have chosen to forget, there remains a dynamic force at work within you. It moves rapidly, constantly choosing and creating the life that you find yourself living. Set on default, this power runs riot, feeding on whatever scraps it can. The good news is that you possess the ability to tame this energy and harness its power to transform the quality of your life experience and bring the deep desires of your heart into your reality.

This positive state of being is known as Personal Mastery. I too, have traveled this path, journeying from a life filled with shame and pain, to one of personal empowerment and inner peace. Through my work and programs I share beneficial consciousness-shifting tools to help you discern where your path to true happiness lies.

  • Art, Poetry and Story-telling
  • Creative Mastery Breakthrough Courses and Workshops
  • New Energy Personal Coaching

Reconnect with the brilliant and sacred treasures, waiting within the very depths of your being, and break through the barriers that have blocked your creative potential!


Lilly (oil on canvas)

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Nurturing Seeds of Success.

Here Be Dragons …

The yellowed piece of parchment in your trembling hands is turning to dust faster than you can read, but you know you have to go on … you’ve come so far. Desert upon desert have squeezed you dry, the deepest jungles have claimed your tears. Yet the fevered dreams persist, relentlessly tugging at your heart, pulling you towards the golden horizon.

And you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the treasure exists. You know, because it calls to you from the depths with breathy whispers; it taunts you with fleeting images that evoke your secret desires. You know, because the seemingly senseless sensations that swallow you whole come upon you unbidden and unannounced.

And you know that the most precious and treasured parts of your being are hidden most deeply and guarded most fiercely. Still, you do as any brave adventurer does and set off in search of your creative essence, far into the unknown, where the threadbare map ominously reads: Here Be Dragons.

Fire Blossom

On these seas you are your own cartographer and feelings, hunches, beliefs, dreams, desires, passions, ancient knowledge and deep reverence are your tools. As you begin opening your understanding to the melody your creative heart sings, you begin creating your very own heart map. The closer you listen, the more you realize that the deep sea dragons are of your own making. They have been working tirelessly for you, protecting you. Now they ask you to sing them a soothing song, as they guide you lovingly to the precious chest, nestled in the sand below, where your riches lie.

Heart compassSo dive deep, dear ones, the treasure trove of potential is within your grasp. Let the waters embrace you and breathe it all in, for this journey is the adventure you’ve been waiting for! Every brave sailor finds her gold, it is where it has always been, nestled safely within the very heart of her be-ing.

Some thoughts for the treasure seeker’s heart:

♥ art and creativity are symbolic expressions of my heart and form a reliable pathway to and from my soul

♥ we are shining lights hidden behind storm clouds of dis-serving beliefs and fears, and when we let the waters flow, the rainbow shines and the sun filters through

♥ we don’t have to work towards being ‘something’, as much as discovering our inner treasures by un-be-ing that which we are not

♥ life is precious and the small, soft moments of complete love are the breath takers – watch for them!

♥ every soul is intrinsically valuable – that includes you

♥ when I am true to my heart and express this with compassion, magic happens

♥ when we express our sacredness, we give others the inspiration to express theirs

♥ life is messy and we are both fragile and strong, just as love is both tender and passionate

♥ sharing our stories and dreams empowers us all

♥ I am free when I live my heart-felt vision and embrace my greatest dreams

♥ love is all around us – when we drop our armour we open up to it’s grace

♥ creating a toolbox of ‘touch-anchors’ (like treasured rituals) grounds me and helps me flow with dynamic ease

♥ surrendering to the vast, ancient and magnificent intelligence, wisdom and intuition within me – and you – leads to inner and outer harmony

♥ we are our own safe harbours when we honour our ability to create our experiences

♥ our hearts sing our souls into being

Heart (mixed media on canvas with pewter)

Heart (mixed media on canvas with pewter)


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